Know someone who might be a good fit for our services?

Many of our best clients come from referrals, which we’re very appreciative of. We are happy to pay a referral fee of $100 for every direct referral that becomes a client (Amazon giftcard is preferable because it’s easiest).

Please just introduce this person or organization to our founder, Jared Gold, at

Feel free to use the email template below, if it makes things easier.

Hey [first name of awesome possible lead],

I want to introduce you to Jared, founder of They might be a perfect fit to deliver on your simple yet professional website, quickly and cost-effectively.

You just complete a project brief + content doc, and then they build your website in front of your eyes via screenshare (as you give feedback and they make those changes on the fly as you watch) in a matter of hours - all for $899 or $1299 flat, including basic maintenance training.

In case you find it useful, here’s their 90-second overview video and here are some of their portfolio pieces.

Jared - please take it from here to set up an intro call and see if it’s a fit!