Launch simple website for your clients in a few hours for $849 flat.

Agencies work directly with our designers to build simple & professional Squarespace websites in real-time via screenshare.


Happily deliver on (instead of dread) simple and short-deadline client websites.

Work directly with our expert US-based Squarespace designers on behalf of your clients. Our turnkey process runs like clockwork.

  • What types of websites does this work for?
    What about extra customization?

    This process works great for simple, professional websites that look good, but don't require every pixel to be in an exact place and don't require numerous revisions or a consultative process.

    Often these websites are a single page or up to 5-6 pages with a contact form. Squarespace has lots of built-in functionality we can implement, such as eCommerce, blogging, photo galleries/video, embedding other widgets (e.g. livechat), and even some solid SEO capabilities out of the box.

    This process works especially great for clients if speed to launch is a factor (far quicker than setting up a WordPress website, for example).

    If you might need just a little extra, we also offer a +$299 option for extra pages, screenshare time, and/or designer polish (to use as you wish). We'd love to have a quick phone call with you to help you clarify if a project is a fit or not.

  • How does this work for agencies?

    You'll complete our project brief + content doc on behalf of your client. When that's ready to go, we'll then connect you with one of our designers. That designer will send you a screenshare link to watch his/her screen and give real-time feedback as you watch your site being built. The only software you need is the latest version of Google Chrome.

    We'll have two separate screenshare sessions, the first one usually lasting two hours. After the first session, you can share the draft with your client to gather revisions, and then you finish up with our designers in the second session.

  • How is Squarespace different from WordPress?

    Squarespace is a hosted CMS. And for simple websites, Squarespace is usually very difficult to beat: it allows us to more quickly and inexpensively create beautiful and easy-to-maintain websites, gives you access to award-winning customer support, SSL certificates are automatically included on websites, and likely has all of the functionality you need - for a low rate (usually $10 - $16/mo). By signing up for Squarespace through us, you save 20% on your first year's subscription.

    Squarespace is fully-responsive, so it looks great on modern devices/browsers, including mobile. It supports a ton of functionality: photo galleries, video, payments, eCommerce, blogging, contact forms, etc. It also makes it easy to utilize other software/widgets for things like live chat and appointment booking + payments.

    They also have a great help center with how-to videos and articles all in one place.

    There are never any updates to make to templates or plugins - everything just works correctly after you set it up.

  • Can you really build & launch a professional website
    for my clients in a matter of hours over screenshare?

    Yes! We've done it for nearly 100 clients already. We have a great process and talented designers. If you need a simple website along the lines of the other work we've previously done, and you adequately complete your project brief + content doc, we're very, very confident in our abilities.

  • What's your refund policy?

    After nearly 100 websites, we're proud to say we've never been asked for a refund (knock on wood). We understand it might be a bit scary to pay in-full up-front. Here's the deal: let's say you're up to 30 minutes into your first screenshare with your designer, and things just don't feel right / you don't think this is going to work, please ask the designer to end the screenshare and reach out to us for a refund, we're happy to give it (no hard feelings).

  • Can you help me with content? What about images?

    We are not copy writers (nor do we consider ourselves editors). We ask that clients provide at least a pretty solid outline of content -- enough to make the first screenshare session work. After the first session is done, you'll likely have much more clarity as to creating the remainder of the content to implement in our second session.

    As far as images go, on our content document, there are links to good stock photo sites (both free and paid). You're welcome to look ahead of time and save those links as ideas in your document, or our designers are happy to help you find good images.

How it works

1. Gather content and preferences

We’ll send you a single document to gather content and preferences from your client. Send us a quick note when it’s ready for our review.

2. Screenshare sessions

Work with our designers over two separate screenshare sessions. Gather client revisions after session #1 to implement in session #2.

3. Launch and training

We’ll finish up your site together, launch it on your domain, and provide basic maintenance training. A great outcome + fast delivery = happy clients.

The Benefits


Offer small-budget web design to your clients, with room for a 5-25x markup

Extremely quick turnaround, as little as same-day / 1-day


There are no surprises, as you’re watching us build the website

You work directly with us, so you retain full ownership of the client relationship

Squarespace: the perfect CMS with done-for-you hosting, functionality, and support.

All of our websites are built on the Squarespace platform to ensure websites are fully-responsive, easy to maintain, securely hosted, have all features built-in, and where clients have access to 24/7 email support and how-to guides. No need to regularly host, back up, install updates, or maintain yourself.


Launch clients’ website for the flat rate of


+$349 option available if you need extra time, content, or design polish



  • Simple yet attractive website (usually up to 5-6 pages)
  • Fully responsive/looks great on all devices
  • Simple guidance on finding images and writing copy
  • We can implement: contact form, blog, basic eCommerce, appointment booking, newsletter signup, social media links, business email, embedded widgets, and more
  • Launched on your domain
  • Basic maintenance training
  • Email support from start to finish

Ready to delight clients and keep your talent working on the highest-impact projects?

We’re happy to send you more information or even hop on an intro call.

*Or feel free to first take a look at our project brief + content doc →