This may be a great fit if:

  • Efficient use of time and budget is a priority
  • Need a relatively simple website (usually up to 5-6 pages) that looks great on all devices, relatively no-frills
  • Need a website that just stays working and you can perform basic maintenance on it yourself
  • Could use a little bit of hand-holding and guidance during the process
  • Are able to write most of the website copy yourself
  • Are looking for a straightforward engagement where you can get something great and move on
  • Have a feeling that you’ll be a relatively “low-maintenance” client

This is probably a poor fit if:

  • Design and technical complexity is the top priority over time and budget
  • Looking for everything to be just right with a thorough process
  • Are looking for a significant amount of help with your branding
  • Need a complex website with over 10 pages, a back-end database, an eCommerce store with 20+ products, and/or an intricate design where every pixel must be in an exact place
  • Are looking for ongoing consulting, maintenance, and optimization
  • Have a feeling that you’re a client who would require a lot of hand-holding/guidance