Frequently asked questions

  • How does a screenshare work and how do I prepare?

    Our designers will send you a link to watch their screen as they build and launch your website for you. They will not be able to see you, but you can use your computer audio or dial in via phone to give feedback for them as they build your site. You'll be watching them make the changes per your feedback!

    Therefore, it is essential that you have a great internet connection, solid phone reception, and you are in a quiet and distraction-free area. We want it to be as efficient as if we were sitting next to each other and working on it.

    The only software that we recommend is the latest version of the Google Chrome website browser. Click here to download it if you don't have it already.

  • What's the usual order of how things works? Do I need to pay for Squarespace or buy a domain before we start?

    If you haven't yet, please don't pay for anything! The usual process goes like this:

    1. You securely submit payment to WebsiteByTonight.
    2. We send you a project brief + content doc to complete.
    3. We have a call when it's ready for our review, and then we'll match and schedule you with one of our talented designers.
    4. You'll have your first screenshare session with your designer (we recommend splitting it into two sessions). You'll have a bit of time to think about any revisions or additions that you want to make, and then can finish up with your designer during the shorter second session.
    5. You and your designer will finish your website in the second screenshare session, and then the designer will transfer ownership to you to pay for Squarespace, buy the domain (or help you connect an existing one you might already have), and give you basic maintenance training.
    6. If you need a business email address (e.g., we recommend signing up for G Suite (Gmail branded to your business) from right within Squarespace.

    If you've already paid for Squarespace and/or a domain, your designer will best advise you on what we'll do - it's not a problem at all.
  • What is "Squarespace"? Is that like WordPress?

    Squarespace is a Content Management System (CMS), like WordPress. Except for simple websites, Squarespace is far superior: it allows us to more quickly and inexpensively create beautiful and easy-to-maintain websites, is hosted for you, gives you access to award-winning customer support, and likely has all of the functionality you need - for a low rate (usually $10 - $16/mo). By signing up for Squarespace through us, you save 20% on your first year's subscription.

    Squarespace is fully-responsive, so it looks great on modern devices/browsers, including mobile. It supports a ton of functionality: photo galleries, video, payments, eCommerce, blogging, contact forms, etc. It also makes it easy to utilize other software/widgets for things like live chat and appointment booking + payments.

    They also have a great help center with how-to videos and articles all in one place.

  • Can you really build & launch a professional website for me in a matter of hours?

    Yes! We've done it for nearly 100 clients already. We have a great process and talented designers. If you need a simple website along the lines of the other work we've previously done, and you adequately complete your project brief + content doc, we're very, very confident in our abilities.

  • What's your refund policy?

    After nearly 100 websites, we're proud to say we've never been asked for a refund (knock on wood). We understand it might be a bit scary to pay in-full up-front. Here's the deal: let's say you're up to 30 minutes into your first screenshare with your designer, and things just don't feel right / you don't think this is going to work, please ask the designer to end the screenshare and reach out to us for a refund, we're happy to give it (no hard feelings).

  • What happens if I need support while we're working with WebsiteByTonight?

    If you've already been matched with us a designer, please email him/her directly. If you haven't yet been matched with a designer or you're having trouble working with yours, please email us at

  • Do I need a logo? How do I get one?

    You do not need a logo, as Squarespace lets us create a slick text logo to go with the site, and our designers can help you pick some fonts and colors. If you already have a logo, we can utilize that.

  • Can you help me with content? What about images?

    We are not copy writers (nor do we consider ourselves editors). In most cases, clients are able to write most of the content on their own and add it to our project brief + content document. We will let you know via our approval process or during screensharing if we have any unofficial recommendations / can help you fill in some gaps as needed.
    As far as images go, on our content document, there are links to good stock photo sites (both free and paid). You're welcome to look ahead of time and save those links as ideas in your document, or our designers are happy to help you find good images.


How to use the Project Brief + Content Doc

Here’s the project brief + content doc template that we send to all new clients (and the video of how to use it).

The project brief will help you gain clarity on the purpose and aesthetic of your new site. This will make it easier as you develop your content. The content section of this document gives you some quick tips about what to write.