what exactly is included in this process

We know that this process is extremely effective for a particular kind of client (so much so that it has spun off into its own business from our parent agency, Brevity). That being said, this is the exact process we follow to consistently deliver client delight, and we ask that you please stick to it as much as possible:

  1. We send you a GoogleDoc project brief and a GoogleDoc content template for you to add your content to. We're happy to provide some light guidance for pointing you in the right direction for all of the basics (e.g. if you want our opinion on your copy, questions on logos or setting up an email, etc.).
    1. If you're not familiar with GoogleDocs: think of it like Microsoft Word, but online and free - just click on the link we give you and start typing. It is made by Google. All updates you make are automatically saved. We use this so that we always see the latest version of your work - it makes collaboration a breeze!
    2. We're happy to help you find images as needed. If you have numerous images (e.g. a large gallery) to upload, we'll advise the best way to do this. In some cases, it may be the best use of our time for us to show you exactly how to upload them to the site yourself). We'll give you access to a shared images folder for you to drag-and-drop any images into that you already have saved.
  2. We will review the content and have our screen-sharing session(s). We can split this up into two separate 1.5 hour screen-share sessions or one 3-hour session, depending on your preference. We usually recommend splitting it into two sessions, as it yields slightly higher quality.

    *If you haven't already paid for Squarespace, please don't yet - we create the website under our account, as we have a few great perks that we can pass onto clients, including 20% off of the first year.
    1. If you ordered the +$249 extra customization/polish from us, the process will have to be as follows: we have our first 1.5 hour session, then we'll implement the few extra hours of polish / consulting as we agreed, and then we finish together during our second 1.5 hour session.
    2. During our session(s), we recommend that clients see how the website looks on their own devices, in case we need to make any changes before our three hours of screen-share time finishes.

      If something looks great on our devices, it might not look the same way on yours. It's very easy for us to accommodate a request for a tweak during real-time collaboration, and then ask you to refresh the page on your device(s) to confirm it's correct, which will really help us minimize back-and-forth.
  3. At the end of our cumulative three hours of screen-sharing, basic maintenance training, and launching the site on your domain, our collaboration is wrapped up! Believe it or not, that's really all it takes to deliver an amazing yet simple brochure/portfolio website (assuming you like the scope and how we do things). Remember, you still get the hour total of basic maintenance from us (e.g. changes that take us 5-10 minutes in total) to be used any time within 12 months of your site launching.
  4. After all of our screensharing is completed, this is the order of how we pass the torch to you with your awesome new website:
    1. You'll watch our screen and we will show you how to perform basic content maintenance on your website (e.g. update text, swap in an image, or create a new page). We create our websites to make them as easy as possible for clients to maintain. Clients usually do not need style changes on their websites after they launch (e.g. change fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.), but please reach out to us for recommendations on these if they arise.
    2. We'll send you a request to be an administrator on the site. Please accept that (and create a Squarespace username/password if you don't already have one), and then we can transfer ownership of the website to you. You'll then pay Squarespace for their hosting plan, which is likely either $10/mo or $14/mo, billed annually.
    3. If you already own a domain (e.g. you purchased the rights to www.yourbusinesswebsite.com), we'll best advise you on how to connect this domain to your new website. If/when you need to buy a domain (we don't need a domain to finish the website), we highly recommend buying the domain through GoDaddy, though buying through Squarespace is also a great option.

      If needed, you can link multiple domains to a single Squarespace website (e.g. if you buy a new domain after your site is already live and want to make that your main domain).
  5. Enjoy your new website that you have control over! After your site is live, within the next 12 months, you'll have up to one hour of maintenance from us on basic tweaks (outlined at the bottom of this page). 

    If you have quick questions or need quick help (but not actual website changes done for you), in addition to hosting the website for you (and giving you all of the features you need out of the box), Squarespace has an unbelievable support team and help center (more details below under FAQ).

    On occasion, past clients reach back out to ask us for open-ended consultative help (e.g. "What would you do here?") or even for tech tips / software recommendations (from an accounting system to an online scheduling link for clients to book themselves). We honestly love to help if we have the time!

Who this is for / not for (no hard feelings!)

Our websites are usually an attractive and user-friendly online brochure (show off your services) or portfolio website (visual display of your work), with up to six pages and a contact form (or possibly more pages with the +$249 add-on). Our websites are usually an amazing fit for solo entrepreneurs/independent consultants. If you need to accept payments, we may be able to accommodate / make useful recommendations.

However, we're not a fit for everyone - and there's nothing wrong with that! Here are examples of times we may not be the best fit for you:

  • If you're really looking for a lengthy and intricate process, with a significant amount of hand-holding and clear deliverables, yielding a website that is completely pixel-perfect.
    • To be clear, this is a completely reasonable thing! However, that would likely require the route of going with a standard creative agency, thus demanding a much more significant time and money investment. WebsiteByTonight was created to deliver high-quality websites to those that need something simpler and significantly less resource-intensive.
  • If you're looking for an web development partner for ongoing work in the long-term.
  • If you need a website with a "back-end" (a login system or a searchable database) or an online store that has more than six items. If you need very basic e-Commerce, we'll evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. We usually stay away from creating websites that sell physical goods.

How to best prepare if we are a fit

  • In order for us to get started, you only need your project brief and content doc done (provided to you via email prior to our session).
  • Please do not yet buy (unless you've already paid for) anything else, such as: a domain, a Squarespace account, an email account, etc. We're happy to make recommendations on these.
    • These will just be needed for the site to go live on your domain.
    • If you already have a domain, we can use it for the new website.
  • We'll finish the website with a total of 3 hours of screen-sharing (you watch our screen and talk to us while we work on the site in front of your eyes). This can be done via one 3-hour session or split into two total sessions. If you selected the custom polish plan for an extra +$249, this will go: first 1.5-hour session, our own time polishing your website, and then we will finish together during our final 1.5-hour session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Squarespace?

  • Squarespace is a web-based Content Management System (CMS). It is a platform where you can fully create, maintain, and monitor your website all in your web browser.

Other Content Management Systems include WordPress, Wix, and Weebly.

Squarespace is advantageous to these and other platforms - especially for basic brochure websites, because of the following reasons:

  • They do everything (website, hosting, and customer service) - all under one company and one low price.

  • All of the features that you need are already built into Squarespace. You can see a full feature list here.

  • There are never any updates to install, plugins to download, or security patches - everything just works (and continues to work) behind the scenes.

  • Squarespace’s platform and templates are fully-designed for the future.

  • Squarespace has an amazing customer support team and a significant reference section, with many how-to videos and guides.

  • Squarespace is extremely easy to use once your website is set up.

Is Squarespace mobile-friendly?

  • Yes, Squarespace is fully-responsive out of the box, meaning that every template is designed to look great on as many modern devices/screen sizes / screen resolutions (and websites auto-adjust to screen size of the visitor’s device). To be safe, we ask clients to also test on their own devices prior to the end of our screen-sharing time, just in case.

How will I see your screen?

  • We will send you a link to watch our screen via a service called UberConference. We'll send you instructions immediately prior to the start of our screen-share.
    • Please use the latest version of Google Chrome’s web browser for our online screen-sharing. If you do not have it, download it here.
    • With this service, you can either use your own computer microphone/headset or dial into a conference line.
    • Note that we will not be able to see you or your screen.

How do I buy a domain? Business email? Get a logo + business cards?

  • Once again, you didn't need this for us to start! But --
    • Buying a domain - we recommend buying a domain from GoDaddy. Directly through Squarespace is also a great option. We can give tips on this.
    • Getting business email (joe@yourbusiness.com) - we recommend signing up for G Suite through Squarespace after you've bought your domain and paid for Squarespace. We can give tips on this.
    • Logo - we can hear your needs and give tips.

What does "1 hour of light maintenance" mean for after the site launches?

  • After your website goes live on your domain, you may want some small tweaks done, such as something moved around or a font changed. We define small tweaks as each tweak being able to be completed by us in 5 minutes or less. It usually doesn't require real-time collaboration (via us working over call/screenshare and asking you to refresh your page).
    • While we specifically offer basic maintenance training via screenshare at the end of our collaboration, we understand if clients know that it's much quicker for us to make these tweaks.
    • If you need more intricate modification/maintenance (or it exceeds one year), we're happy to make recommendations on other experts to get that done for you, but that is outside of the scope of this offering.

What happens if I don't like how things are going / turn out?

  • That's one of the big advantages of doing our website via screen-share - you see exactly what we're doing so there should be no surprises!
  • If early on we agree that things aren't working out, no hard feelings - we'll issue you a full refund. For example, if we're up to 45 minutes into screen-sharing and you're not satisfied, let's just part ways amicably.
    • If we happen to cross the threshold of collaborating via screen-share for 1.5 hours and you're still unsatisfied, we can discuss options together. This hasn't happened yet, but we know we should prepare just in case!