Join over 2,000 other students taking our step-by-step video course for free to see exactly how you can build your simple & professional website on Squarespace.

Follow along as we work side-by-side with a real client to create and launch her business website from scratch.

You’ll learn how to think like a web designer, how to gather content (text + images), how to pick a template, and much more - including other related items (e.g. buying a domain and a business email address) - so that you can finally set up that simple yet professional Squarespace website you’re looking for.

Includes the exact project brief + content doc materials we have our clients complete.

Note that this does not put you on some annoying marketing list that sends you a ton of emails all the time. We don’t like that either!


“The presenter has very clear explanations for me as a novice. The ways in which the content is chunked are helpful. The real-world examples and the specific building of one business' site definitely illustrate the application of the content. Thank you!”

“Very clean and concise information on how to build a website through Squarespace. I just recently (last week) purchased my very first URL so the timing was perfect and the content was exceptionally helpful to me. I love how quick yet detailed Jarod was throughout and the ongoing visual overlay which makes it so much easier to fully digest everything (I'm a visual learner).

I'd highly recommend for anyone who needs a little push in the right direction on where to begin with the website building process.”

“I found this course really helpful. It is just long enough to cover all bases, while getting to the point quickly enough to stay engaging. Jared did a really good job explaining and demonstrating how to get up and running on Squarespace.

The attached documents that are included are also really helpful to get you clear about exactly how you want your website to be like BEFORE starting to create it.


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